My Best Blogging Practices

My thoughts on the matter are a direct result of the thought-provoking blog from Eric at MakeItUltra.  In it, he shares some of the rules he’s set up to maintain a healthy balance between blogging and the rest of his life.

I was interested to read his personal blogging rules, and even more interested to realize the difference in how he approached the question from what I would have, though I would see myself adopting any of his guidelines.  This gives me great satisfaction; it reminds us that we can get insights from others but ultimately we all walk in our own unique way.  My own list, like his, lays forth the path in which I choose to travel as bloggers.

1. Consistency is king.  It’s more effective to have the deliberate pace of the tortoise than to have the hare’s feckless dashes to nowhere.

2. Produce.  Write a lot.  Writing, like any creation, multiplies exponentially as it becomes more prolific.  Writing down as much as possible is just like sowing a lot of seeds in a garden.  The more I write, the more I till my mind and plant ideas.  I don’t know which will grow, but I know the more I plant, the better the harvest.

3. Nurture your community, both in and outside of the blogosphere.  First, there are thousands of other bloggers out there.  A vast number of them are more experienced than you or I, but there’s plenty of room for everyone to be respected and prosperous in their own communities if they have an honest work ethic and compassion for others.

Second, isn’t that the fundamental reason we blog?  To connect with others, swap ideas, share what you’ve spent so much of your life learning?  So I can’t just post something once a week, pretend I’m the J.D. Salinger of blogging and never talk to anyone.  Well, I could, but why would anyone engage with me if I don’t engage with them?  I guess the Golden Rule is the only rule I’d apply here.  Do unto others as you would want  them to do unto you, or put another way, I’ll get only as much engagement from others that they’ll will have first received from me.

What personal guidelines do you use when it comes to your blogging?  What paths do you take to keep on track?  I’d be much honored to hear some of your own ideas in the comments, or point me to your own blog post.


11 thoughts on “My Best Blogging Practices

  1. I like your 3 rules 😊. Never really thought of any myself except to keep it real. In my experience, blogging fed running and vice versa.
    I enjoy reading as well so other blogs are interesting.

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  2. I have to check it right after my mourning routines only, then proceed with my- to -do- list for the day, publish at least one article a week, and give comments to five meaningful blogs I came across a day (where your blog today counts!). I can only go back to my blog any time of the day if I am done with my to-do-list. Tha’s the rules I keep so far for myself so that I wouldn’t be lost 🙂
    I am also a follower of makeitultra!

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    1. Yeah, I can see how it is very easy to get consumed with blogging; there’s a fine line between being prolific and letting it take control of our lives. I like your habit of giving comments to five meaningful blogs a day. As I was writing the blog, I felt #3, nurturing community, is the most important, and thoughtful comments like yours show how it can be done!

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