Streaming thoughts on a Mile Run

I wake up late.  Not too late, just later than I want.  This is an opportunity.  I want to run.  I didn’t run for a couple of days, so I’ll kick myself later if I don’t run today.  Carpe diem!   Can’t do my normal 3 or 4 mile run.  Not today. There’s not enough time.

I’m going to run a mile as fast as I can.  Gotta go for speed once in a while, just to switch things up. There’s time for a mile, and it’s a bona fide run if I do it fast. I’m going to do it barefoot.  Good practice and I’m curious to see if I will get any blisters running fast barefoot.  Out of bed now. Brush my teeth. Open the Strava app on the phone.  Run in place and hyperventilate a little bit to get my legs and lungs ready.

Burst out of the house and down the concrete path.  Gonna run past the lake and up the hill for half a mile, then pivot right back.  Speed run.  Quick pace, longer strides, on the balls of my feet.  Perfect weather.  Just rained. A little chilly, still wet.  Past the lake now.  Quarter mile in. Feeling good.  My pace is 5:22/mile!  I’m going to set a PR!

IMG_20160411_062201.jpgBut what’s this? My lungs and legs are slowing down a bit down for some reason.  Shit.  Now just going a little faster than my medium run pace.  I’m already out of steam?  Aaaargh!  Keep going.  Quicken pace.  It’s only a mile.  Balls to the wall. Stay tall. Up the hill.  Not too steep.  Hate this hill, wish I were on a long run so I could take it easy. I love long runs. No! Focus. Keep the speed up.  Top of the hill. Half mile now, turn around.  Yea- downhill! Take advantage. Go faster! Pick it up. Pace: 6:55/mile. Not going to be a PR.


Almost at the lake again.  There’s a person walking their dog in front of me.  I’ll go on the other side of the lake to finish.  Don’t want to slow down. For some reason I don’t run as fast when I’m running towards people. Don’t know why.  Get self conscious?  Oh well, doesn’t matter. Dirt path on this side, cool and soft today. Nicer than usual.  So glad it rained.  Usually this path’s uncomfortable. Good practice though.

Time so far: 6:30.  New goal: Gotta finish by 6:50.  Pick it up!  Balls of the feet!  Move those arms quicker!

6:45.  C’mon.
6:46.  Almost there. C’mon.
6:47.  Any second now.
6:48.  C’mon mother fu-
6:49.  Mile!

to. a. walk…


Accomplished, energized and spent all at once. Time could be better, could be worse, but ran pretty hard, and I’m proud of that.

Glad I did it. I remember why I don’t do this more often, but really need to.

Next time I’ll just wake up earlier.


The Running Llama