Not a Guru

I’m not a guru.  Pretending to be something you’re not just gets you in trouble.  I’m an average guy with a good family.  Like the majority of free people in mankind’s long existence, we get by alright but we know that true security is like an enchanted deer in the woods that lets you get close but then bounds away just out of reach.

But I’m happy.

That’s in part why I’m sharing my thoughts.  Not because I’m a scientist, doctor or guru.  No- it’s because I’m like you.   I will never be the best at anything, but I want to try my best at everything. I want to take care of my family, get along with my neighbors, and thrive in a crazy world.  And, along the way, I keep my eye out for interesting tactics to live a life of abundance, no matter how much I have to work with.  So, for fun and posterity, I write about my journey and what I learn along the way.  And perhaps you’ll find something entertaining, and maybe even useful too.  Either way, thanks for reading, liking or commenting on my posts.  I’m honored you stopped by.