Fitting Things In

In this modern world of 24 hour electricity, we can be more productive than ever, yet more than ever we seem perennially out of time.  I think part of this stems from crowding too much in our life at once, as if our rampant consumerism has started to bleed into our goal-setting and self improvement.  When we get inspired, we want to do everything, and we let that desire spread our goals thin.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to accomplish a lot, but we tend not to have the patience to master one goal at a time, so we end up mastering none.

I also think that we try to fit things in our daily routine, but in their own separate compartments.  If you want to go for a run, you set aside time to do so.  Then if you need to go to the store, you put that in a separate block of time.  Blogging goes in another time, and so on.

But with a little flexibility, it doesn’t have to be that way.  When you say you are going to “run to the store”, why not actually run to the store if it’s close enough?  If you plan on running every other day, and you also need to get a couple of items from the store, then strap on an empty backpack and set out on foot!

That’s what I did this morning.  I took an opportunity to fit two things on my agenda- running and going to the store- and both tasks were enhanced from it.

For running: it gave me an opportunity to practice carrying a little weight, which is needed variety for my leg muscles.  Also, I found the bag of tortilla chips I nestled in my backpack for the way home unexpectedly rhythmic and helpful for maintaining a smooth, easy pace.

For shopping: it forced me to focus on what I truly needed for the next couple of days, because anything I purchase would need to fit in my bag, not to mention that I would have to carry it over two miles home.  This helped me avoid buying things on a whim, which saves money, which is always a good thing, because that tree next to my house still ain’t a money tree.

It was not as long a run as I often do, and it was not as much shopping as sometimes I must do, but I was able to fit in two beneficial things in different, refreshing way that kicked my day off beautifully.

Besides that, it gave me a blog post to fit in before my 9 to 5 today.