What is God?

Love is God. Anything that leads you towards God (Love) is good. Anything that leads you away from Love (God) is bad. It does not matter to me what religion you ascribe to, or even if you are a passionately committed atheist. If you Love the humanity strangers, as if you loved the humanity of your own brother or sister, then you are on my side. You make the universe a better place. Anything that is actively done for the sake of Love makes you feel good. It makes you feel empowered in the best ways. It leaves the universe in a better place than you found it. Anyone who uses Love as a shallow excuse to perpetrate some evil on the world is committing the worst wrong of all.

Why Running Llama?

Why Running Llama?

I’ll tell you why.

Because I like llamas.

You see, my family and I had gone to Durango, Colorado for my daughter’s first horseback ride about two years ago, and that’s when I saw him:* a tall, shaggy llama towering before me, and our eyes met.  He wasn’t awe-inspiring or majestic. He looked neither threatened nor threatening. He just looked…. content.  He seemed simply sure of himself and satisfied with his life, and it was beautiful.

llama 2
This is a llama.  No, not just a llama — THE llama.

Now I admit I like llamas, but I don’t actually know that much about them.  But this site isn’t really about llamas. No, this is a pursuit of some simple truths.  It’s a search for learning to trust my own instincts.  I’m going to cook a stew of fitness, spirituality, and daily living, and whatever other spices I want to toss in from time to time, all based in a practical minimalism that anyone can achieve. The base is contentment: working joyously with what we have, not pining for what we don’t. Like the llama, we always have what we need to live a dignified, happy life. Sometimes, we just need to change the way we look at it…

So I hope you enjoy.  Please share your thoughts.  Together, let’s learn what we can while we’re here and leave the world a little better than how it found us.

Warm Regards,


the Running Llama

*or her − I didn’t get a good look at the evidence.