Same and Different

There is an infinite number of similarities AND an infinite number of differences between any two humans, no matter who they are.  It just depends on what you choose to focus on.

When we like someone, we tend to find the similarities, and when we dislike someone, we focus on the differences, but both similarities and differences are there for us to choose from.  Noticing the differences can be fascinating, but generally speaking, the world is made much better when we choose to find the similarities first.



Are you pursuing the right things?

Most good people chase after the wrong things: money, true love, professional success.  These are all quite good in and of themselves, but they are merely the fruits of cultivating the right things: contentment, loving kindness, and self-respect.

These three things are entirely within your control, though most people find they take considerable effort to nurture them.  Then again, doesn’t it take considerable effort to chase after money, love, and success?  You can attain financial or professional success, yet still feel empty inside.  Or perhaps you can easily attract romantic partners, yet still be dissatisfied once you are in a serious relationship, always thinking that your “true love” is still out there, waiting to be found.  But if you are content, the amount of money you have is inconsequential, as long as it provides for your basic needs.  If you have self-respect, you’ll attract the right partner for the right reasons.

So when you’re trying to solve the grand problems in your life, be sure you are using the write formulas.  Develop your contentment through a sense of gratitude for what you have, no matter what it is.  Cultivate your loving kindness not by searching for who will love you, but by sincerely imagining others in a state of harmony and happiness, especially if you don’t particularly like them.  (Try it- forgiveness is wonderfully liberating for the forgiver.)  Finally, remember self-respect.  Dignity is one thing that no one can take from you unless you give it away.  With it, you are armed with universal power that shields your soul and transcends any worldly harm.

All of this is simple, but none of it easy.  Who said life was easy?

Let’s take a moment to listen to the cricket sounds…..




So since you’re going to put some hard effort into something anyhow, apply it to the right things: contentment, love towards others, and self-respect.  Everything else will take care of itself.